The Tenant Administrator role

The Tenant Administrator role is intended for users that have the authorisation to create new workspaces and user accounts for their organisation. This role is only provided for customers as part of a Workspaces Ecosystem subscription.

In summary, the Tenant Administrator has the permissions to do the following within their organisation:

  • Can create workspaces
  • Can edit workspaces
  • Can designate the Workspace Administrators for a workspace
  • Can create user accounts
  • Can edit user accounts

The Tenant Administrator cannot:

  • Access any workspace to view data and files, or use any tools within the workspace.
  • Add Contributor, Observer or Standard Users to a workspace
  • Add their Tenant Administrator account as a Workspace Administrator for a workspace

The Tenant Administrator role's access to workspaces is limited by design to minimise scenarios where an individual user account has global access to all workspaces within an organisation. Should a person need to act as both a Tenant Administrator and be able to access data and files in any workspace, they will need two separate user accounts.

To request a user account with the Tenant Administrator role, contact the Aridhia Service Desk at You may be required to provide suitable evidence that your organisation has authorised you for this role, in line with the privileges that it allows.

Updated on June 19, 2019

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