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Capturing and archiving your data at a point in time

Both Standard Users and Workspace Administrators with virtual desktop access can create a snapshot of their workspace to create points-in-time in their research activities which can be referred back to at a later date. Snapshots can be easily created from the workspace Summary tab at any time using the 'Create Snapshot' option provided, allowing you to record a comment to save along with your snapshot. For example, once you've reached a point in your work where you've manipulated your data and are ready to test your model, you can use the snapshot functionality to save the state of the data in the workspace before progressing.

Please note that this functionality is only available to virtual desktop users.


Creating a workspace snapshot

To create a workspace snapshot select 'Create Snapshot' found in the right-hand sidebar menu. workspaces tools, grabbed on 03.04.18, using XAP version 1.19.12 4375-796a171cd, from https://researchapp.analytixagility.com/#/workspaces/373create snapshot, grabbed on 24.01.17, using XAP version 1.19.1 2740-8759a, from https://edcvaatest04.aridhiatest.net/#/workspaces/1150/summary

Users are required to provide a comment detailing the snapshot. Pressing 'Start' will begin creating the snapshot. You will see a pop-up panel stating that the process for creating the snapshot has started.

Snapshots are created as .zip archives and will contain all files found in the workspace, such as tables exported as CSV files, datafiles, scripts, documents and mini-apps.

Snapshots follow the “workspace_name_date_time.zip” naming convention and are placed in the Snapshots folder. Using your virtual desktop, you can navigate to this folder in workspace file system from the desktop, move the snapshot and extract all files for further use/analysis. If required, these files can be used to populate a new workspace at a later date.

Updated on April 16, 2018

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