Managing your files

In the Files tab, clicking a file name or icon opens the file. The behaviour depends on the file type:

  • SQL files open in an editor page where you can write, modify, run, and save SQL. These files can be saved as a Custom View: see creating a custom view for more information.
  • Text (.txt) files open in an editor where you can edit and save the file.
  • Image files are displayed.

With the workspace versioning feature, you can save multiple versions of your scripts and documents to help build up a history of changes that are made. You can then easily see the history and view any previous versions.

  • To choose a version: click on the file in the Files tab to open it, then use the ‘Version’ dropdown link to select the version you wish to use.
  • To save as a new version: click the ‘Save as’ button and select ‘Save as new version’.
  • To save as a new file: click the ‘Save as’ button and select ‘Save as new file’. Input the name of your file, the type if you need to change it, and the required folder from either Scripts or Documents.
save file, grabbed on 16.04.18, using XAP version 1.19.12 4375-796a171cd, from
Updated on June 19, 2019

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