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Creating and editing users

Manage Users, grabbed on 21.09.17, using XAP version 1.19.10 3847-4df4b, from https://edcvaatest04.aridhiatest.net/#Logging in using your Tenant Administrator credentials allows you to create and maintain user accounts for your organisation on Workspaces. Click on the ‘Manage Users’ button in the right-hand sidebar to see a list of all user accounts in your organisation. From here, you can add and edit users.

On this screen, you can:

  • Use the search box to find a user account in the list if you know its name.
  • Add a new user.
  • Edit an existing user account.

Note that if there are more than 20 users in this list, you can navigate to the next page using the ‘Next’ button.

Manage Users, grabbed on 21.09.17, using XAP version 1.19.10 3847-4df4b, from https://edcvaatest04.aridhiatest.net/#

The status of each user account is also displayed as either:

  • Active: The user account is fully operational and the user will be able to log in to the web application.
  • Pending: A change to the user account has been requested, and the system is currently configuring the user account. The user can continue to log in and use any workspace he/she has access to, however further changes to the user account are not allowed until the user account returns to the 'Active' state.
  • Error: Either the creation of, or a change to, the user account has been unsuccessful. To view details about an error, clicking the ‘View error details’ link. If an error occurs, it is recommended that you contact the Aridhia service desk (servicedesk@aridhia.com) for support in correcting this issue, being sure to include a screenshot of the error details as shown in the example below.

Adding a new user account

Create a new user account by clicking on the ‘Add user’ button.

Add a user, grabbed on 21.09.17, using XAP version 1.19.10 3847-4df4b, from https://edcvaatest04.aridhiatest.net/#

You must provide a first name, last name and an email address for the new user. Other fields are provided on this screen for specifying the user’s title and department, along with any notes you wish to record.

There is also a field for recording a phone number for the new user account. Should your organisation be configured to use two-factor authentication to further secure access to workspaces, you must enter a valid telephone number.

The username for the new user will be automatically generated based on the first portion of the email address that you specify, e.g. an email address of david.jones@aridhia.com will generate the username davidjones. For this reason, it is advised that generic email addresses are not used for user accounts, such as info@aridhia.com, or admin@aridhia.com, as this will generate usernames that are hard to tie to a real-life member of your organisation.

In cases where a username already exists within Workspaces, the username will be appended with a number, e.g. davidjones01.

When you are finished configuring the new user account click the ‘Add user’ button, and you will be returned to the list of your organisation’s users. The new user will receive an email confirming the creation of their new user account. This will provide them with instructions on how to set their own password, which will, in turn, allow them to log into Workspaces.

Editing a user account

To edit a user account, select the relevant user from the list and click the ‘Edit user’ button. This button will be disabled if the user account is not in the 'Active' state. Read more about the different states of users in the opening section of this article.

You can change any of the values in the user account fields. However, please note that the user’s email address can only be changed before the user sets their password for the first time. Once the user has signed up, the email address cannot be altered either by the user or a Tenant Administrator. Should the user be given a new email address by your organisation, but continues to require access to the workspace, a new user account will have to be created.

Updated on June 19, 2019

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