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Creating a rapid mini-app visualisation

add icon, grabbed on 17.01.17, using XAP version 1.19.1 2740-8759a, from https://edcvaatest04.aridhiatest.net/#/workspaces/1150 To create a new mini-app visualisation, select the 'New mini-app' option from the 'Add' dropdown menu and give it a name; this will create a basic AnalytiXagility mini-app framework. Once you have selected a name and confirmed, you will be dropped straight into editing the mini-app. Note that the grid of mini-app tiles will be ordered alphabetically by name; if you want the tiles to appear in a certain order, please bear this in mind.


Structure of a mini-app

A mini-app consists of two scripts which function together to determine how it will look, and how it should function.

  • The ui.r user interface script controls the layout and appearance of your app: this is defined in the R script.
  • The server.r server script contains the functions that compute output: this is defined in the R script.

You can also create empty ui.r and server.r files “offline” on your computer if you wish and import the files using SFTP. See developing a mini-app offline for more detail.

To learn more about Shiny powered apps, you can read RStudio’s documentation at http://shiny.rstudio.com/

Updated on September 27, 2017

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