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Area Graphs are used to display the development of quantitative values over an interval or time period.


Area charts are conceptually similar to line charts as they display quantitative values over a continuous interval or time period. First drawn by plotting data points and joining a line, the area below the line is then filled with a specified variable or colour.

Select a continuous interval or time period variable (x) along with a numerical variable (y) to create a basic plot. Add in a categorical fill variable to group the area charts based on the values selected, and colour them accordingly. Select a summary_function in order to perform basic statistics upon the y variable selected.



Variable name Required Constraints Description
x Yes Column Input.

Text, Integer, Decimal, DateTime, Date

The values of this column will be mapped onto the X-axis.
y Yes Column Input.

Integer, Decimal

The values of this column will be mapped onto the Y-axis.
fill No Text, Decimal, Integer

max. 20 values

Add a fill variable to group the area chart based on categories within the selected column.
position Yes Choose between stack and fill

Default to stack

Toggle between whether the area chart is stacked, or filled to the area of the plot, proportionally.
summary_function Yes Choose from none, min, max, mean, median and sum

Default to none

Apply a range of R summary options to the fill variables, or none.

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Updated on February 7, 2019

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